You’ll be glad to know that every client and project is unique and will follow a process that is exclusive to its needs. Our Elementary Process underpins the entire course of activities, while finer details continuously evolve and tweak based on the work. This ensures that each and every project has an exclusive methodology and quality process.


Meet, brief, research and investigate your company and market. Identify opportunities and strengths that will make for a meaningful strategy.

  • Analyse competition
  • Research market
  • Brand workshops

Researched information is brainstormed into concepts, which are ideas that will communicate the brand message in a creative way.

  • Analyse research
  • Brainstorm
  • Develop ideas

Samples of the work is produced and tweaked until approved. This process forms the brand’s look and feel, ensuring consistency.

  • Sample layouts
  • Mock ups
  • Presentation

Approve, finalise, build and roll out to the market. At each and every step, the client is aware of the activities, timelines and methods.

  • Client sign-off
  • Launch
  • Post, send, distribute, etc.

At this stage, we oversee the effect of the work and update the client on progress. We always learn from each outcome of each and every project.

  • Analytics
  • Reports
  • Lessons

It doesn’t stop here. The strategy is referenced and options are provided to further activities, if needed, forming one coherent brand voice.

  • Plans drawn for future projects
  • Keep brand message in flight
  • Ensure continuity and longevity
the element of commitment

is a collective value that we put at the service of our customers, with a promise of creative spark.